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Welcome to Sales Tax Defense

Sales and use tax laws are often confusing, and at times cryptic. Failure to comply with the sales and use tax rules can lead to tax assessments, interest and penalties. The corporate officers and owners can even be held personally liable for these amounts due.

Substantial under-reporting, whether intentional or by accident, almost always results in penalties and can lead to a referral for a criminal investigation. Remember when you are under audit, the sales tax auditor is looking to issue your business the largest assessment legally sustainable.

Our sole mission is to help businesses, fellow professionals, accountants, attorneys, and their clients understand and comply with the sales and use tax laws. When there is a problem, we work for you to quickly and cost-effectively resolve the sales and use tax issue. Our focus is to minimize the amount you may owe and to defend your tax position.

If you missed the broadcast on WHPC 90.3 FM you can listen now! Tune in to hear Mark Stone and Jennifer Koo give an informative discussion on “What Everyone Needs To Know About Sales Tax”.

Have you heard the Supreme Court Oral Argument for South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. yet? Hear it now or read it here.


  • I am most grateful for your attention to my situation as I am very aware that it was not the easiest possible. You have earned my trust and confidence beyond any level of professionalism that I have ever experienced.–Nic F., Floral Design Design Firm

  • Joseph…Thank you and Mark and the rest of the Sales Tax Defense team for ALL of your efforts on our behalf. This has been a nightmare for well over 20 years now as you well know and had we not been referred to you we still would not have a light at the end of the tunnel. –Susan & Ray M

  • Mark, We really settled…. Gordon and I are blown away. I’m not kidding when I tell you (and I have witnesses – my entire office) that when I hung up the phone I had tears streaming down my face. Thank you! –Brian B., CFO

  • "NYS Sales and Use Tax: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know" met the expectations of the audience – and exceeded it! Your knowledge, your experience, and your ability to explain a necessary topic in a very matter of fact manner were very much appreciated by those in attendance. It is quality speakers like you who give the Academy an excellent reputation. –Jennifer Groh,CLE Director

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