Will Your State Have a Sales Tax Holiday?

When does the sales tax holiday start?

Every year several different states offer sales tax holidays that could span from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Sales tax holidays usually occur in the summer and autumn and often encompass back-to-school products. So, with summer soon to be upon us, below is a list of some states’ sales tax holidays.

Which states are offering sales tax holidays:

  • Florida – surprisingly this state has offered a full one-year sales tax holiday ...
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New Way for NYS to Assess Individuals for Sales Tax

Two common scenarios of errors when collecting sales and use tax…

Picture this: You own a business. There are two scenarios which are very common. First, you fail to collect sales tax when you are supposed to. Second, you fail to self-assess use tax when a vendor does not charge you sales tax when they were supposed to.   It’s not intentional. After all, the sales and use tax laws are complex, confusing, and difficult to apply to today’s products. It is ...

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NYS Sales Tax Filings Get Even More Confusing

What is Waste Tire?

According to the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance, Waste Tire means any solid waste which consists of whole tires or portions of tires. Tire casings separated for retreading with enough tread for resale are included under this term, however, crumb rubber is not considered a solid waste.

Of course, NYS imposes a Waste Tire Management Fee…

The New York State Department of Taxation & Finance has a waste management fee. It has always been reported on the ...

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