What to Do If You a Have Frozen Bank Account

Having money levied from your bank account is a scary and often damaging experience. Whether you spent years collecting wealth, you are just getting by, or need to remain liquid for any reason, it hurts just the same.

Even after you receive a notice that your bank account will be levied, there are many steps which can be taken to prevent it from happening.

Sales Tax Defense LLC can help determine if the money sought by the government is legally due. Just because they believe money is due does not mean it is legally owed yet. And if the money is legally due, that does not mean the money can be levied. There is a legal process that must be adhered to before a bank account is levied.

There are types of money which cannot be levied. Certain types of supplemental income, public assistance and benefits are exempt from levy, among other monies. Sales Tax Defense LLC can work with you to prove the money is exempt from levy and prevent the levy from occurring.

If the bank account has been wrongly levied, we can work to have the money put back into your bank account.