Is a Back to School Sales Tax Holiday Offered in New York?

Back to school is both exciting, emotional, and stressful for so many families. Exciting for a new start and meeting new friends. Emotional for parents sending their kids off to hit another milestone and watching them grow up. Stressful getting back to schedules and activities.  It is stressful coming up with funds to pay for all the new school supplies and clothes that are needed for the new year. And then on top of it all, you add in the sales tax.

How States try to help…

There are several states that realize how stressful back to school can be for families and have taken the step to give families some relief with a sales tax holiday leading up to back to school for certain items. These items can include clothes, electronics and other various school supplies depending on the state.

Did you send your child off to school this year? Did you buy them new clothes, a new computer, pens, pencils, notebooks, or expensive graphing calculators for school? How much money did you spend?

Any help for New Yorkers?

Families can spend hundreds of dollars per child on school supplies each year! In 2023, 16 states have realized the burden of this expense and taken the additional step to give families relief of the additional fee of sales tax on some of these items. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, New York is not one of them. Even though surrounding states such as Connecticut and New Jersey have.

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Did you or your client sell school supplies into any of the 16 states that participate this year? Did you know that there was an exemption in place for these sales? Are you aware that there are other sales tax exemptions throughout the year in certain states and each state is different?

If you have questions regarding ongoing or temporary exemptions in any state, call Sales Tax Defense!

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Levy Released

A taxpayer came to us after their installment payment agreement with the Tax Department defaulted and after their money was already levied from their account.  Without any funds available, the taxpayer was not able to continue operations. This was the third time they defaulted a payment plan and they could not get the Tax Department to give them any relief so they reached out for assistance.

We went back and forth with the collection agent, the supervisor and the manager several times.  We explained the extenuating circumstances surrounding each payment plan default and we were able to negotiate the tax department returning the funds to the taxpayer so they could continue to operate.

In addition to getting the money returned, we were able to re-negotiate the payment plan terms to an amount the company was able to stay compliant with and continue their operations!