Sales & Use Tax Filing

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Timely filing tax returns is obviously crucial to sales and use tax compliance. Through filing returns, sales tax is remitted to the state. But also, filing returns start the statute of limitations for a filing period, providing a key protection for your business or your client.

With the Supreme Court Decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, businesses have never been required to file more sales and use tax returns in more states than they are now. Each state has its own sales and use tax return form. This forces you to understand numerous methods of reporting sales and indicating tax collected. Each state has its own rules for filing frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually, occasionally) and whether or not a business is required to make estimated sales tax payments or sales tax prepayments. Filing deadlines are even different in every state. Certain jurisdictions within a state can also require its own tax return to be filed on top of the state return. Tracking all these different filings and remittances can be a hardship on a business simply trying to operate.

Sales Tax Defense LLC can help you with your sales and use tax filings in every state and local jurisdiction in the county. We work with our clients to obtain the necessary sales information and handle all the filings. This can allow you to spend your time and energy on your business instead of worrying about filing sales and use tax returns.

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