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October 2020- When Bread is Not Food

September 2020- The Fourth Annual Sales Tax Defense Awards

September 2020- Changes in Sales Tax Laws

July 2020- South Dakota v. Wayfair: Two Years Later

June 2020- Sales Tax Is an Easy Way To Solve Budget Deficits

May 2020- Extension for the Abatement of Penalties and Interest for Sales and Use Tax due to the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19

May 2020- Stores Are Closed but Online Shopping is Up, and So Could be Your Tax Bills

April 2020- Staying Healthy and Not Paying Sales Tax if You Don’t Have To

March 2020- NYS Important Notice

March 2020- The (Pink) Sales Tax

March 2020- Covid Sales Tax Update

March 2020- Staying Safe But Not Panicking

March 2020- Can a City Impose an Economic Nexus Law

February 2020- Can a City Impose an Economic Nexus Law

December 2019- Persistence

November 2019- A Convenience Fee Is Not So

October 2019- Common Contractor Confusions
Carry Considerable Cost

August 2019- Back to School Sales Tax Holiday

July 2019- It’s Been Over A Year Since the Supreme Court
Rocked the Sales Tax World

June 2019- 2019 Legislative Changes

March 2019- The Who and What of Sales Tax

February 2019- New York is Taking Advantage of the
Supreme Court’s Decision

January 2019- Start Off the New Year with A New Record
Retention Policy

December 2018- Perspective

November 2018- Amazon To Turn Over Fba Seller Information In California

October 2018- Meet Jessica’s New Bundle Of Joy

Septemeber 2018- It’s Award Season Again!

July 2018- Down Goes Quill, Down Goes Quill!

June 2018#2- From Levy To Refund: A Taxpayer’s Tale

June 2018- U.S supreme court rules: Online retailers can be forced
to collect sales tax!

May 2018- Advisory Opinion…The Best Way To Get Guidance??

April 2018- We’ve All Made Mistakes

April 2018- A Us Supreme Court Sales Tax Case Likely

March 2018- The Biggest Sales Tax Case In The Last 25 Years!

February 2018- 5¢ Bag Fee Could Be A Disaster For Sales Tax Purposes

January 2018- The New You Loves Records

December 2017- Sales Tax On Half A Glass Of Water

November 2017- Sales Tax Makes A Hospital Sick

October 2017- The Taxability Of Software Can Wear You Down

September 2017- FBA Is Giving Vendors Sales Tax Issues In Many States

August 2017- What Does Star Trek And Sales Tax Have In Common…?

July 2017- Embrace Your Geek-Ness

June 2017- Sales Tax Review

May 2017- Fighting For Our Clients All The Way To Albany And Back!

April 2017- Gas Stations: More Than Just Gas Pains, They’re
Full-On Stomach Aches

March 2017- Are samples really free?

February 2017- TMI (TOO MUCH INFORMATION) – Less Is More

January 2017 – Is A BCMS Conciliation Conference A Kangaroo Court?

December 2016 – 15 minutes

November 2016 – In The Mist Of Conflict…Is There A Sales Tax Solution?

October 2016 – What Does The Word “Lease” Even Mean In Florida?

September 2016 – It’s Award Season

July 2016 – Flea On An Elephant

June 2016 – Is Streamlined Sales Tax Really Streamlined?

May 2016 – Why Me?

April 2016 –Connecticut Computer and Data Processing Services

March 2016 – Tax Season & Refunds

February 2016 – When the Tax Department Gives You Bad Advice

January 2016 – Sales Tax Defense Goes Coast-to-Coast

December 2015 – Tupperware

November 2015 – Sales Tax: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

October 2015 – Who Needs Free Candy When We’re Giving Out Sweet
Free Sales Tax Information?

September 2015 – Sales Tax Refunds – Too Big to Ignore

August 2015 – Recent and Upcoming Sales Tax Changes

July 2015 – The Bill of Rights

June 2015 – One Less Way NYS is Dumping on Taxpayers

May 2015 – If You’re Having Tax Problems I Feel Bad For You Son

April 2015 – Capital Improvements

March 2015 Tax Season

February 2015 – Think it’s Cold Now? Wait until NYS Increases Criminal Investigations…

January 2015 –  Happy Divorce Month!

November 2014 –  New York – Second Worst Business Tax Climate in USA

October 2014 – Limited Time Only: A “Pretty Good Deal” on Your Unpaid New Jersey Tax Liabilities

September 2014 – Numbers Don’t Lie – The Statistics Behind the Tax Department

August 2014 – One Ring – I Mean Super Computer – to Rule Them All

June 2014 – Sales Tax on Mars?

May 2014 –Your Fate, Your Choice

April 2014 –Exemption on Candy Machine Increased

March  2014 –Tax Season

February 2014 –Sales Tax Defense Saves Valentine’s Day

January 2014- When Does a Sales Tax Assessment Become Criminal

Dec 2013 –Wishing You Happy Holidays & Success

Nov 2013 –Gone Awry: A Case Study in How It Can All
Go So Wrong

Oct 2013 –You Can’t Stick Your Head in the Sand

Sept 2013 –A Sales Tax & Payroll Tax Fairytale

Aug 21 2013 –Going Cuckoo for Capital Improvements

Jul 16 2013 – Tax Problems of the Rich and Famous

Jun 18 2013 – June is Graduation Month! Heck Yeah!

May 31 2013 – A Federal Sales Tax??

Apr 23 2013 – Like Us on Facebook” (Even if you don’t like Sales Tax)

Mar 14 2013 – Leprechauns, Tooth Fairies and Sales Tax

Feb 14 2013 –Valentine’s Day Massacre: New York State Sales and Use Assessment is a Mob-Style Murder

Jan 23 2013 –Start the New Year Off Right
Keep Books and Records

Dec 2012 – Does Santa Pay Sales Taxes?

Nov 2012 –Tax Deadlines Extended

Oct 2012 – The Elusive Sales Tax Refund

Oct 2012 – Sales & Use Tax Seminar and Consumer Debt Resolution and Bankruptcy Alternatives

Aug 2012 – Easier to Fix a Leaky Pipe

Jul 2012 –Are Adult Toys Taxable

Jun 2012 – The Internet Can be Taxing

May, 2012 – POA Wars

Apr 2012 – Sales Tax is Ugly

Mar 2012 – Forget Daylight Savings Time, It’s Shopping Spree Time

Feb 2012 – Don’t Forget Your Sales Tax During Income Tax Season

Jan 2012 – A Sales Tax Refund Can be Used to Pay Your Bills

Dec 2011 – Internet Sales are Still Subject to Sales Tax

Nov 2011 – When to Call Your Attorney with a Sales Tax Problem

Oct 2011 – Spooked by Sales Tax

Sep 2011 – Success Story: Being Prepared for a Tax Fight Avoids Litigation

Aug 2011 – Federal Debt Ceiling Raised, What About Sales Tax?

Jul 2011 – Finally One for the Tax Payers!

Jun 2011 – Sales Tax and the Ultimate Child’s Birthday Party

May, 2011 – I Don’t Make the Rules, I Just Argue About Them

Apr 2011 – Secrets to Handling a Tax Auditor

Mar 2011 – A Four Letter Word

Feb 2011 – – Sales Tax: Would You Vote For It?

Jan 2011 – We’ve Moved

Dec 2010 – The Good, the Bad, and the Great!

Nov 2010 – – It’s Not Easy Being Green: Electronic Exemption Certificates

Oct 2010 – -Halloween Tax Horror Stories: Can the Government Committ Tax Fraud?

Sep 2010 – There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Aug 2010 – Information Comes at a Price

Jul 2010 – The IRS Goes into the Sales Tax Business

Jun 2010 – Is it Ok to Cheat on Your Taxes?

Mar 2010 – March Madness: NY Taxing Authorites Go Insane

Feb 2010 – Valentine’s Day-Do You Love Sales Tax?

Jan 2010 – Tax Amnesty and Other Good News from New York

Dec 2009 – NY Delivers A Holiday Present: Tax Amnesty

Nov 2009 – – The Ever Changing World of Sales Tax

Oct 2009 – Don’t Let NY Sink Your ShipsalestaxdefensenewsDecember-2016