NYS Senators Discussing Suspend the Gas Tax…Will this Include Sales Tax?

March 2022

It’s no secret that gas prices across the US have recently been increasing at an exponential rate. You drive to work in the morning and gas is one price, by the time you drive home, the price has already increased!

There is no question that the steady increase in gas prices is taking a toll on everyone. Recently, some of the New York Senators have been pushing for a suspension of the gas tax in New York which could save New Yorker’s up to 48 cents per gallon!

But what does this include? Does it include sales tax? Does NYS ever give relief for sales tax?

The answer to this question has always been no, and this is not changing as the 48 cent tax savings only seems to include the Motor Fuel Tax and the Petroleum Business Tax. While we do not know if the current governor will accept this proposal, it does appear that even if she does, sales tax will still be an issue.

NYS made almost $14 billion dollars in sales and use tax last year! So, while the tax laws and rules are constantly changing and are never clear, it is explicitly clear that NYS is not looking to diminish this very lucrative revenue stream.

If you are confused about the ever-changing sales tax rules and want to fight your sales tax bill to reduce the governments sales tax revenue stream, give Sales Tax Defense a call. We are always here to help.

In Memory of Donald Ingram

Last month we said goodbye to a dear friend and associate, Donald Ingram. For those that had the pleasure of knowing him and working with him, Don was tenacious in his pursuit of achieving success as a CPA. Dedicated to pursuing excellence in his field, and understanding the value of volunteering, Don volunteered for many organizations within public accounting. He was very involved in the National Conference of CPA Practitioners (NCCPAP), and he had served as President of the Nassau/Suffolk Chapter. He was also a member of the Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium Committee (now the ATS) and the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA). Within each of these organizations, Don was generous with his time and insight, and volunteered to chair and support many committees.

As accomplished as Don was, one of the qualities that we will miss most about Don is his quick, clever wit. He always had this uncanny ability to lighten the room with his humorous stories and friendliness towards others. On many of our yearly road trips to Albany to visit the heads of the NYS Tax Department, Don would make an otherwise very LONG car ride a whole lot more entertaining.

A Vietnam veteran, who proudly served in the US Submarine Service, Don found joy in bettering the world through his actions. However, the love of his family superseded it all. His face would light up at the mention of his family. A loving husband, doting father to his three children, and the biggest fan of his granddaughters, whom he loved dearly.

Rest in peace, Don. You will be forever missed.