Refunds Are More Common Than You Think!

April 2022

When people hear the words “sales tax” they often have negative thoughts.  They think about being audited and owing money, and problems in general.  That’s understandable.  We’ve all heard scary stories about sales tax.  But don’t let that negative mindset stand in the way of getting something you want:  MONEY!

Businesses should pay the sales tax they owe, but that doesn’t mean they should pay more than they owe.  There are several key areas where you may be paying more sales tax than you should.

You may be paying sales tax on expenses that are exempt from sales tax.  Many states have exemptions for certain printed promotional materials.  And on purchases being resold.  And on manufacturing equipment.  And on utilities used in manufacturing.  And on materials used in work for exempt organizations… you get the point.   There are A LOT of exemptions to be claimed.

If you are doing a $1,000,000 in sales or more annually (and not a restaurant),` we will bet you lunch that we can get you a sales and use tax refund if you are doing business in New York!  Just call us, 631-491-1500!

Look at your purchases – big and small.  Look at the worksheets used to complete your sales tax returns.  If you’re paying more sales tax than necessary, apply for a refund and have a positive sales tax experience.

Sales Tax Defense LLC has extensive experience in identifying potential refunds, submitting the necessary information to request the refund, and successfully having those refunds granted!  Best of all, we often do so on a contingent basis meaning we don’t get paid unless you get paid, and we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Success Story

New Jersey Refund Obtained

A contractor was correctly remitting their sales tax on the accrual basis of accounting in New Jersey.  They remitted a sizeable amount of sales tax on a sale they believed was going to be taxable.  However, after the sales tax was remitted, the contractor received an exemption certificate.  This means the contractor remitted sales tax on an invoice that was exempt from sales tax.

After having difficulty obtaining the refund from New Jersey, the contractor contacted Sales Tax Defense LLC.  We were able to attend a hearing and successfully prove the contractor was due a refund.  Furthermore, when the refund check was not issued due to a processing error, Sales Tax Defense LLC was able to work with New Jersey to have the error fixed and the contractor received their refund in full!