Reverse Audit

No one wants to over pay their sales and use taxes. However, sellers can be held liable for sales tax, interest and penaltiesReverse audit refund claims-a picture of cash-in-hand on monies that they never collected but should have. This results in many sellers taxing almost every transaction. Regardless of whether or not there might be some type of exemption from tax for you and your business.

Armed with an understanding of your business and how you are using the items you are purchasing, we will advise you of what transactions you should pay tax on, and perhaps more importantly what transactions you should NOT pay tax on. We will then perform a “reverse audit” on your books looking for transaction and purchases that you may have erroneously been charged tax on.

We will then prepare the appropriate claims to obtain refund of any erroneously paid sales and use taxes. We will file this claim directly with the government or supplier as required by the law in your state. We will also work with you to provide your supplier with the correct documentation in order to assure that he/she does not charge you sales tax on future transactions. Lastly, we will provide you with a management letter detailing the results of our sales and use tax reverse audit, which will help enable to avoid any future overpayments of tax to your suppliers.