Sales Tax Audit Defense

The purpose of a sales tax audit is to determine if the taxpayer is paying the correct amount of sales tax to the State. The Sales Tax Audit Defense Image of boxing glovesaudit is used to promote compliance with tax laws, and as a means of increasing State revenue. As part of the ordinary course of business, most companies eventually will undergo a sales and use tax audit. Most auditors are professional and even friendly but please don’t mistake that professionalism for being your friend. While few auditors will admit it, their primary goal is to issue a substantial sales and use tax assessment.

Sales tax auditors frequently think that businesses cheat or at least intentionally try to skirt the sales tax law. They begin most audits with the attitude of trying to determine how much the business owes, not whether or not the business owes anything. Should the auditor find a transaction that the Company erroneously paid tax on, it is doubtful they will let you know about the overpayment.

It is our mission to see that your business is treated fairly on a sales and use tax audit. We help insure that gray areas in the sales tax law are interpreted in your favor. We also defend you against the sales tax auditor making unfair assumptions or erroneous projections about your business’s revenue. While it is wrong to intentionally underpay one’s taxes, it is also wrong for the government to excessively tax a business simply as a matter of convenience or to balance a budget.