Sales Tax Check-up

Sales Tax Check-up & Hot Line

The sales and use tax laws and regulations are confusing and contradictory. How can you be sure that your business is in overall compliance with the sales tax law? A small oversight can cause a substantial tax liability. Does your accountant discuss your business’s sales and use tax procedures with you, or does he just file a quarterly return for you?

In just half a day we can meet with you at your office, discuss your business and its major services and products, and evaluate Sales Tax checkup and helpline-picture of man making a phone callhow the sales and use tax rules apply. During this general review we will look at what products and services you tax, what exemption documentation you should be obtaining, and what potential sales and use tax exemptions might apply to your purchasing. If warranted we may recommend a more detailed analysis, or we will inform you that you have little to be concerned about.

For a small monthly retainer, we can be your “sales tax help line.” Rather than calling an anonymous extension at the state’s tax authority, we will be your source for the correct sales and use tax solutions for your company. By understanding your business model, we will tailor our advice to your organization, rather than just blindly telling you to pay tax on a transaction as the state often does. When needed, we will put our recommendations in writing and support them with case law and other rulings. And when you ask us a question, you can expect an almost instantaneous response, where as the government can make you wait months for an answer.