Sales Tax Exemption Holidays

Every year several different states offer sales tax holidays that could span from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.  Sales tax holidays usually occur in the summer and autumn and often encompass back-to-school products.  So, with summer soon to be upon us, here is a list of some states’ tax holidays.

Florida offers disaster preparedness

Florida is subject to many natural disasters and the state wants them to be prepared. They offered 2 weeks tax free for products that fall under the disaster preparedness exemption and will be offering another exemption from August 24, 2024 through September 6, 2024. The state is also giving a back -to-school holiday from July 29, 2024 through August 11, 2024 to allow the state’s students and teachers to gather the supplies they need to get through the year! These are just two of several exemptions being offered to the state’s residents to help them financially.

Going back to school in Alabama

Alabama offers a back-to-school sales tax holiday every year. This year, the holiday spans from July 19-July 21. The items exempt from these three days include clothing costing $100 or less per item. Also included are computers and software, costing $750 or less, in a single purchase. Of course, there is one for books and supplies. In that case, the holiday applies if the book costs $30 or less, and on school supplies costing $50 or less per item.

Buying your clothes and footwear in Connecticut

There will be a one-week exemption on clothing and footwear costing under $100 per item during August 18-August 24. The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services has not yet released information about this year’s sales tax holiday. But, it is written into the Connecticut statute and is the same week every year.

Get ready for back-to-school in New Jersey

It has not been formally announced yet, but it is anticipated that this state will also offer a back-to-school tax holiday. As they offer this every year, it is anticipated that the dates will be August 24-September 2. The exemption usually includes school supplies and computers up to $3,000.

Can’t forget about South Carolina!

It is anticipated that this state will also offer a back-to-school holiday as they do every year. It is anticipated that the dates for this holiday will be August 2-August 4. The exemption usually includes clothing, clothing accessories, footwear, school supplies, computers and computer supplies.

Last but not least…

Curious about what New York is offering? Not surprising, unlike 23 other states, New York is again not offering a 2024 tax holiday. Again, not surprising – New York State continues to be one of the most aggressive states for tax collections. Contact Sales Tax Defense LLC to learn of other sales tax exemptions, temporary or permanent. Sales Tax Defense LLC is the premier sales tax consultant and expert, that can help you with any of your sales and use tax needs.

Refunds Received from Multiple States

A multi-state company came to us to review their sales and purchase information seeking advice on whether or not they had sales tax exposure.  In reviewing their information, we determined that they were actually overpaying sales tax on their purchases in multiple states!

We reviewed their purchase information. Sales Tax Defense LLC determined that they were owed sales tax of over $500,000, from three different states! Then the documentation was put together, and schedules were made outlining where the tax was paid. We showed why the refund was owed, and drafted the refund claim paperwork for each of the three states.

After going back and forth with the various states, the refunds were granted in full and checks were received by our client for over $500,000!