Sales Tax Payment Plans (IPA)

If you owe the government money for unpaid sales and use taxes, it is possible to get a payment plan with them. These payment plans are commonly called Installment Payment Agreements (IPAs.) The government may require a significant amount of Sales Tax Payment Plan- picture of a calendar, calculator, checkbookcorporate and personal financial disclosures prior to agreeing to an installment payment agreement. In addition, the government often files a tax lien against you to secure the tax debt.

We can work with you to help minimize the amount of paperwork, time and disclosures needed to setup an IPA. In addition, with our expertise we can explain and help document why the government should give you the longest payment plan allowed.

We have been very successful in negotiating installment payment agreements with the state that do not require the filing of a tax lien against the responsible persons. This can be critical in preserving an individual’s credit score and business standing. In addition, we can work with you to target corporate payments, to insure they are applied toward the portion of a sales and use tax assessment that is also a personal liability.