Streamlined Sales Tax Project

The Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP) is an attempt by approximately 20 “member” states to simplify and unify their sales and use tax laws. By having one (nearly identical) sales and use tax system in place, the SSTP’s goal is that many more businesses will comply with the law and register to collect tax in the state, regardless of whether or not that business has nexus (a legal presence) in the state.

Streamline sales tax project-photo of man walking trhough a mazeThe Streamlined Sales Tax Project offers a sales tax amnesty program for businesses that voluntarily sign up for this program and agree to collect and remit all sales and use taxes in the member states. It is an extremely complex decision whether to join this program. Compliance with the SSTP’s filing requirements can be burdensome without proper guidance and software.

We have successfully advised businesses and implemented SSTP compliance procedures for our clients. In addition, the rules and laws governing this program are continuously changing. We regularly monitor these changes and inform our SSTP clients of relevant information. For more information about the Streamlined Sales Tax Project please contact us or visit: