Who Would Like a Sales Tax Refund of $2 Million?

A message worth repeating…

By now, you have heard us state numerous times the importance of complying with sales and use tax laws. We know there are certain aspects of it that are tricky, and downright confusing. And while we understand that most businesses find the laws frustrating, non-compliance is not a positive alternative. We’ve stressed that ignorance is not a defense, and failure to comply with sales and use tax laws often leads to devastating penalties and interest from the State Tax Departments.

When you make mistakes in favor of the government…

It’s been our experience that the most honest clients make the biggest mistakes.  Often in their attempt to file their taxes correctly, they make significant mistakes in favor of the government.  These mistakes range from miscalculating how much they owe on their sales tax returns, failing to claim prepayments, to double counting their use tax obligations.

Sales Tax Refunds Really Do Exist!

For more than 30 years we have been advising clients on how to get SALES TAX money back from manufacturing exemptions, R&D exemptions, promotional material exemptions, utility exemptions, packaging exemptions, and more.

You don’t know what you are entitled to, until you look.

The best part of this advice is that it’s (basically) free.  It can start with a 5 minute conversation. Sales Tax Defense LLC will review your books and records, and your related sales tax filings, determine the refund, advocate for the refund, and if necessary, litigate against the State for the refund.

How does it work?

We get paid a contingent fee, and we only get paid once the check is in your hand.  If you don’t get paid – we don’t get paid.  It’s a no-lose situation.  Perhaps, you can be our next client to receive a $2 MILLION DOLLAR sales tax refund, unless you already have too much money and don’t need a few extra million…